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Let us change the way you think about technology.

Telco Strategy helps enterprise clients analyze the complex and ever-changing telecom and technology landscape to determine which technologies will best fit your business model and goals. With over 200+ solutions providers as channel partners, we can assess the right product and solution fit, and stay with your team throughout the implementation process.

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Let us do the work, so you can focus on what matters.

We partner and are on your side of the table from analysis, evaluation, negotiation, and implementation.

Some of the questions we help CIOs answer when evaluating and selecting technology:

  • What business processes do I need to address to maintain our company’s competitive position?
  • How do I know which technology partners are a good fit for my business?
  • What pricing and terms, often specific to the industry, should I be expecting?
  • How can I assess whether or not a new technology will benefit our company’s bottom line?
  • Will a new technology solutions provider support our internal process – accounting, legal, HR, and infrastructure management?
  • How do I evaluate a new technology where my team is not currently sufficiently adept yet?


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Years Experience

Our Background

Telco Strategy brings decades of experience in telecommunications strategy and implementation know-how to the table.

  • Experience across the entire telecom landscape, from international strategy to deregulation to implementation
  • History of implementing hundreds of telecom projects for customers as small as 6 professionals to national and global multi-site enterprise deployments
  • Knowledge of the governance and accounting requirements for RFP development and communication for projects that require the management of this process
  • Understanding of details that could snag an implementation so that they are addressed in advance – such as management of infrastructure, transfer of numbers, and usability of new endpoints
  • Support for usability and training in order to ensure that your company actively engages with new technologies to reap the business benefits initially targeted
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Our Values

Telco Strategy is driven by core values that center on you as a client:

  • Honesty – We believe that clients need advisors and implementation partners that will give them straight-shooter advice, even if it means we might not partner for now
  • Transparency – Throughout a project, our goal is to partner with you. As a result, we are focused on making sure you have the information you need throughout the implementation process
  • Responsiveness – Telco Strategy knows that your business runs on the mission-critical foundation we help deploy. So, when you need answers and communication, we are there to ensure you have an advocate to get them.
  • Objectivity – We are focused on giving you the best advice for your company and will look at decisions from your point of view. Moreover, we are analytical in the process to ensure you are receiving value on every project.
  • Passion and Fun – We care about your business…and that is hard to find.

Over 200+ Top-Tier Solutions Partners

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