Strategy and Business Advisory

Our mission is to make your business better through technology.

Everything should support the success of your business. For this reason, we start with understanding your business and building the bridge from there to technology decisions.

Core Considerations

  • How do your current business goals and market landscape impact your technology needs and decision-making?
  • How do you prioritize data security, customer satisfaction, increasing sales, employee retention, and managing costs when they are seen in a big tech project?
  • How do you cut through the noise of a crowded technology ecosystem to find the right solutions for your business?


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Telco Strategy uses

We partner and are on your side of the table from analysis, evaluation, negotiation, and implementation.





Methodology for Developing Telecom and Technology Strategy

Elements of Strategy Development:

Understanding Business Goals

Our primary function is to support you and your company’s goals. So, we start with listening to your team’s needs in order to assess how a strategy and recommendations will serve those needs.

Preliminary Recommendations

In a constant process of refinement and communication, we will share with you preliminary recommendations based on our experience, understanding of technology solutions available, and what we know is common usage from many others implementing solutions.

Gather Data and Interview Key Stakeholders

Bringing together quantitative and qualitative information to support and revise our preliminary recommendations, Telco Strategy will interview internal stakeholders in order to understand specific use cases and how they translate to usage of technology solutions. For example, exactly how will an omnichannel strategy support a goal of tighter relationships with customers? How does this translate to usage of features and their necessity in your plan?

This process also includes gathering data from potential technology solutions to understand what is offered in the marketplace.

Analyze Competitor Systems and Marketplace Offerings

Once we have a clear understanding of where your business wants to go and how stakeholders foresee getting there, we can start to put together requirements and functional needs. Next, we find the vendors that provide this for you or can develop these capabilities in concert with your existing technology map.

Review Recommendations and Next Steps

The strategy development process builds a bridge from your initial goals to technology selection and implementation. Reviewing the recommendations we have developed will enable us to determine if a technology selection process warrants time, energy, and input as a next step.

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