Technology and Vendor Selection

Technology selection can be difficult and has high stakes for your organization. We provide the knowledge and details to make a big technology procurement decision at no cost.

  • Do you have a process for researching and evaluating new technology in an objective manner?
  • Do you have faith that you have uncovered and analyzed the data as it pertains to your business environment?
  • With so many technology vendors out there, how do you know you’re talking to the ones that are right for you?
  • Are you including the perspectives of all the stakeholders that will make an implementation successful?
  • Do even have the time to do all of this with everything else on your plate?

Elements of Technology Selection

Understanding Your Technology and Business Needs 

Telco Strategy will help you find the right vendors for your tech project. Don’t simply rely on doing a quick Google search and looking at Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for vendor research. Telco Strategy’s portfolio of 200+ technology companies are the easy button to evaluating an entire market in one fell swoop. Telco Strategy’s decades of business experience and technology mapping will align your organization with the right vendors to evaluate.

Save Time Using Our Proprietary Tools and Matrices

Researching solutions, qualifying designs, and meeting sales teams can take months of your team’s time. Why have your staff waste their time researching technologies and vendors that where they are not familiar? Instead, Telco Strategy can fulfill information requests across all the tech providers that you are interested in researching. Moreover, Telco Strategy has developed proprietary tools and matrices to help our clients quickly compare vendors and technologies. Want access to tools that can quickly tell you which dozen SD WAN providers support BGP? Or which UC providers have a Teams integration? Or which contact center solutions have Oracle and Salesforce integrations? We can provide this to you.

Highlighting Product Feature Sets and Gaps

Every IT professional has gotten through a series of sales meetings, demos, and an eventual installation only to find a fatal product flaw. Vendors know what these flaws are and instruct their sales staffs on how to avoid or sell around these fatal flaws. Telco Strategy will take time to understand your business and your IT environments, and then evaluate vendors and technology. Our eye in the review process specifically looks for product shortcomings that may pose operational concerns for clients and alerts our clients regarding the risks of using certain products.

Negotiate Best Pricing with Benchmarks 

As we run through a process of selecting a vendor, we can make sure that vendors are giving you the best pricing and optimal terms. In addition, we know what terms and conditions you can request in the RFP process. For example, do you have a large multi-site implementation? Requiring co-termination clauses across your entire company will provide your team the positioning to negotiate preferred terms at the end of your contract term. Our goal is to provide you with the latest benchmarking information to know how to push for the best deal.

Conduct Focus Groups Within your Organization

It can be difficult extracting from your employees feedback on the tools they need to do their jobs effectively. Telco Strategy will conduct focus groups to learn about your organization’s end user needs. A 45 to 60 minute meeting with a client’s users and stakeholders will yield vital feedback necessary to create technology solutions. Telco Strategy provides documentation to the customer on these sessions as well.

Access Feedback of Existing Clients

Would you like to know how other Telco Strategy clients rate the tech products that you’re evaluating? We provide our clients with direct valuable feedback of how similar companies regard the products/services that you’re looking to buy. Avoid buyer’s remorse and take advantage of the feedback we have available to you.

Aggregate 3rd Party Ratings, Feedback

We’ll aggregate and present the findings and research of many third parties like Gartner, Avant Analytics, IDC, Forrester, G2, and more to ensure you’re capturing all the info you need to make the best buying decision possible. Don’t take your valuable time scouring the internet for information we’ve already collected.

Implement a Telecom Strategy that Supports Your Business, Data Security, and Goals

Our services are focused on helping you navigate an increasingly complex technology landscape.



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