Audit and Expense Management

Identify Ways to Cut Up to 80% on Telecom Expenses

Having clarity on your situation today is critical to developing a plan to move in the right direction.

Do you know all the telecom infrastructure that you are currently using at a line-by-line level?

Do you processes for acquiring new facilities or staff turnover across the company impede your ability to have clarity on your current spend and where there might be needless expenditures?

How can you easily and quickly gain this clarity in order to ensure that a new project is set up for success?

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Telco Strategy

Telco Strategy can quickly provide clarity especially if your infrastructure is:

  • Across multiple carriers and vendors
  • Distributed across numerous locations and sites
  • Procured by many departments in a delegated fashion

Telco Strategy will also help use this information to develop plans to create processes that will reduce ongoing expenditures where desired.

Elements of Audit and Expense Management

Data Gathering

Telco Strategy will work with you to gather full sets of information on your existing infrastructure. Where needed, we can even help you solicit complete records from your carrier in order to conduct a complete review of the technology that is being used and services that are sitting idle.

Line-By-Line Review and Testing

Telco Strategy can work with you to conduct a line-by-line audit, which includes physical identification and testing of each line you maintain. This allows you to have a complete map as well as reconciliation of your infrastructure against what you are using and what you are paying to maintain.

Analysis of Costs against Marketplace

Once we have gathered information and done comprehensive testing, Telco Strategy can analyze your costs to see where there may be opportunities to augment services for security and redundancy purposes as well as reduce unnecessary services that may be obsolete. Moreover, Telco Strategy will look at the marketplace for current pricing to determine if your pricing is in line with the competitive market.


Telco Strategy will make specific recommendations for your infrastructure in conjunction with ongoing conversations. In this manner, you can decide if you would like to implement new solutions that will help serve your business better. If so, we are there to help with that as well.  

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