Implementation and Support

Implementation and support include:

The implementation of a technology project can impact a number of different functions and departments. It can also be stressful for some users who need to get up to speed on new technologies.

Core Pain Points

  • Do you have one person who is supporting a project from evaluation, to vendor selection, to implementation to training, to support?
  • Will a technology vendor’s internal project management team advocate for your client needs and escalate if needed to get the resolution you need?
  • Will a technology vendor’s sales team ensure that your billing is established to support your business process (e.g. internal cost accounting)?

Telco Strategy is with you through the entire lifecycle of a project and beyond. We are there to make sure that your needs have advocacy and there is a common thread throughout the process. This is often the difference between a project that has impact and one that ends in a cul-de-sac.

Elements of Implementation and Support

RFP Creation & Execution

RFPs are incredibly time consuming and are difficult to coordinate. We have the resources, tools, and processes to help you select the right vendors. Telco Strategy will provide our customers with a customized process to structure your procurement process and take industry-specific needs into consideration, Contact us for a sample RFP and to learn more.

Contract Negotiation Assistance

Technology and telco providers design their contracts to benefit THEM, NOT YOU. All technologies have various nuances and complexities that make their correlating contracts different from the next. Those nuances and complexities do necessitate different clauses, terms, and contractual lengths though. Do you know what they are? Do you know which requests are typically rejected by technology providers and which ones are workable items based on previous experiences?


Project Management

We will provide dedicated project management for implementations that we support. This includes:

  • Installation Project Management
  • Training and Support Project Management
  • Service Ticket Escalations
  • Billing Ticket Issues
  • Quarterly Reviews


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